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Freelance Voice Over Services based in Moncton, Canada.

Like finding money in last seasons jacket……

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It never ceases to give me that feeling like I found $20 in last seasons jacket/shorts/pants when I get an email asking me to record or come in to a studio to record a Voiceover. Its does actually pay better than finding $20 bucks that you forgot you had or had misplaced, but I think you get the picture. So, success again this week as I get to record for 2 clients, they are both repeat customers. And one of them I am the voice for a specific product that they promote – internally and externally to staf and customers.

Be that as it may, I still need to land a new client to become a repeat customer. Thats the goal for the first half of 2011. Modest, not agressive but realistic. “Work begets work” I once heard said about VO. So far, thats true to me. Just need to have patience.

Happy Hump Day!



Author: Rick Arseneault

Freelance Voice Over guy with a passion for the biz, based near Moncton, Canada

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