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Its natural to wonder about or question what you are doing when things aren’t happening fast enough or happening at all. I can’t sit hear and type that I am a raving success in VOs and know all the ins and outs of the biz. I can tell you about what I have experienced and some of the successes I feel I have had.  I can also tell you that I wanted, from time to time, just to say “Oh well, I tried”. Then an email comes in, a call from a previous customer or a Facebook IM from an old friend that wants someone to help him with some DJ drops. And then it all gets fun again. Its all about being Johnny on the Spot. If your not on the spot, another Johnny/Janey will be and they will be raking in the fun (and the $$).

Lets be honest.  Most of us who do this won’t be millionaires overnight or ever. And these days, it seems the millionaires are the ones that are getting the cherry jobs doing VO.

But for me, just yesterday, when that old friend said that the simple one liner I did for him was “awesome” and how excited he was to use it in one of his mixes sparked that little ember a little brighter. Just enough to get this website buzzing a little more with posts from me and putting my foot that much further out there.

I saw a video today where Steve Jobs was giving the Commencement speech at Stanford back in ’05.  Its a video thats full of wisdom. I especially liked his comments on Connecting the Dots.  It reminds me of something else I heard about VO work – “Work begets work”.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech from Iconisus on Vimeo.

Take what you want from that.  Some pretty wise words from a pretty wise guy.

Hope your day is good and your inbox is full.


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Author: Rick Arseneault

Freelance Voice Over guy with a passion for the biz, based near Moncton, Canada

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