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This Is What It Feels Like To Have Dyslexia

This Is What It Feels Like To Have Dyslexia – http://huff.to/1dNkcv9

Having a loved one in my life that has to struggle with dyslexia makes me want to understand how they see the world. Anywhere is a good place to start. The article above is another step in that journey.


Bryan Cox and his Saskatchewan radio story – from Examiner.com

Bryan Cox. That’s a name I associate with generosity ¬†and just a nice guy when I think about my experience in Voice Over. He’s probably the first and only person I ran into that was welcoming when i started getting interested in doing voice over. Like many of us that want to begin doing voice overs, we have lots of questions. Bryan was a big help. He never asked for anything in return, just an honest pat on the back over the phone or on the net.

I learned a little more today after reading this article today Bryan and appreciate his generosity that much more now. Oh yeah, he’s a pretty funny guy, as well. Look him up for that stuff, too, and STAY OFF OF HIS LAWN!!

Thanks Bryan!