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Local Politics. Answers to: Who did your ad?

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So I posed this question to each of the 5 parties involved in this election through their websites or FB pages, all before the Labor Day weekend:

“I have a question regarding your media campaign production. How much of your ad production for print, radio, and TV is actually done by talented people in NB? I am asking the same question of the A, B, C, D and F , as well. Thanks, Rick”

Here is what I’ve gotten so far. In the interest of not pointing fingers at specific parties, I’ll leave out where the replies came from. If you want to know who sent what, feel free to DM me and I’ll let you in on who they are. So here goes:

  1. Hi Mr, Arseneault, All of our ads were produced in New Brunswick (Moncton and Fredericton companies were involved in the production of our videos.) Have a nice day.
  2. “Our signsare printed by a small Miramichi company.  That’s the bulk of our advertising. “followed up with a response about radio ads:

    ” Radio is in plan and will be produced locally. ”



So thats 2 of 5 that worked through the long weekend and promptly gave me an answer. At least 2 are confirming that money is being kept in province and employing local talent.

I’ve asked the other 3 of 5 parties running campaigns in the province again how much local talent they have used.

As soon as I hear,  I will update again.

Have a good day and play fair out there.





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