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Local Politics. Other answers to “Who did your ad?”

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So, its been about a week since I posed the question:


“I have a question regarding your media campaign production. How much of your ad production for print, radio, and TV is actually done by talented people in NB? I am asking the same question of the A, B, C, D and F , as well. Thanks, Rick”


I received only 2 answers from 5 of the political parties running candidates in the province, as noted in my previous blog post. This was a question regarding how they made use of NB based companies or individuals. Only 2 took the time to answer and 3 others could not. Or can’t.


The Parties running in this election are listed below and have their order listed in no way indicates whether they answered or not, or my personal preference as to whom I may vote for:







So, when that party candidate or party leader starts extolling the virtues of NB small business, maybe you should be asking how these organizations actually utilize local business. Seems only 2 of 5 cared to reply, or could.


Feel free to share your thoughts.

See you at the polls! Be sure that you vote! It does make a difference, that day and everyone until the next election.




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Freelance Voice Over guy with a passion for the biz, based near Moncton, Canada

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