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Post New Brunswick Election – 3 out of 5 parties said “No Comment” essentially #NBVOTES #NBVOTES2014

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Its been done, decided and we move on to a new chapter in New Brunswick history with a new government to lead us for the next 4 years. One that had parties championing the small business guy. I made an honest effort to ask all the parties involved (twice in some cases) if they use small businesses in the province of New Brunswick to produce their campaign messages for print, radio and television. (The way the question was phrased was posted previously on this blog.)

I was truly disappointed to receive only two confirmations of use of local vendors. 2 out of 5 took the time to respond.

Out of the 5, only the NB NDP and the People’s Alliance took the time to answer and confirm they were sourcing local vendors for their media work. Neither the NB Liberal party, the NB PCs nor the NB Green Party replied.

It was a pretty simple question. Thanks to the 2 parties who took the time to respond. As for the other three, the next four years should speak volumes as to how you support small business.


Author: Rick Arseneault

Freelance Voice Over guy with a passion for the biz, based near Moncton, Canada

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