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Ear Reading – An entrepeneur owns his dyslexia with Technology

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Having a loved one that struggles and lives with dyslexia, I am so inspired when I hear or read stories like this about successful people who have overcome this condition. It gives me hope for them and and lets me know that they can themselves find ways to help themselves moving forward in life. I would love that they would enjoy doing voice overs as much as I do. The following video shares a story that gives such great insight and I love his outlook. At 8:28 is my favorite part.

Just beginning explore Understood.Org .

I’m so inspired by this video on how I can donate my skill and service to helping those with Dyslexia.

If you have a loved one that struggles with reading and writing, I hope you find the above video helpful.

Moment of Insight: How to “Own” Dyslexia With Technology


Author: Rick Arseneault

Freelance Voice Over guy with a passion for the biz, based near Moncton, Canada

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