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End of the Monthly sign up for the Pay to Play site

Well, the month of subscription has gone by and and it has been interesting to say the least. On two occasions so far, I received private invites to audition for jobs, meaning the field of contenders was much smaller than the usual general posting that they have. One was a “not this time but loved your voice and may have you in mind for something else later.” The other was loved your voice but HIS client says he wants a “Canadian sound” (WTF). OK, client’s the boss. In short, here is what I gleaned from my experience thus far:

  • When the job is posted, rest assured that there will be 20 submissions to the posting within the first 30 minutes. There must be people that just sit there and hit Refresh on the screen and race to the mic to record OR there is just that many people at one time looking to get one in out of the 100K this site boast as membership.
  • Some Voice searchers will acknowledge they reviewed your file. Mostly though, they don’t. Its kind of discouraging but you can’t get through to everyone all the time. Its a process, and persistance is what makes it rain.
  • My competition in my mind has nothing better to do but audition, better equipment, sounds better than me, etc., etc. Don’t let yourself go there. You paid to use X amount of time to audition. Make the best of it and most of all, don’t make this channel of access the beall and end all. 
  • Keep track of the dollar amounts you proposed for the jobs you audtiioned for. This helps you stay focussed on the potential that you have in front of you for earnings.

I didn’t get any jobs yet but I did get some nibbles. That is somewhat encouraging. People pay me for work outside of this pay for play site – not as often as I want – but they do. So, there is work out there that I can do and do well for someone.


Have a great week and chin up, summer is almost here!





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