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Lloyd Robertson signs off.

A familiar voice that many Canadians have come to know and trust will sign off at the end of the broadcast day at CTV on September 1st, 2011. Lloyd Robertson will say farewell and end a 35 year career with CTV. Below is a letter written by Lloyd and posted on CTV.CA


Its a great letter and there are some great videos about Lloyd at the bottom.

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What’s Your Favorite Vocal Warm-Up?

Here’s a snippet from an article from Ann Utterback:

“I think we all have a vocal warm-up we love.  For me it’s yawning.  Why do I like yawning?   Yawning has been used for centuries as a technique to relax the throat and improve the voice.  Go ahead.  Try it.  Yawn like you do when you’re so tired  you can’t keep your eyes open. ”

For more, click the link below:

What’s Your Favorite Vocal Warm-Up?.

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Who Wants to Be a Voice Talent? (via J. Christopher Dunn’s Voice Over Blog)

Recently, I’ve received e-mail from a number of folks who are checking out the prospect of becoming a voice-over talent. They ask me questions about how I got started; what I did to become successful; and what a typical day looks like for me. I openly let them know that it’s hard work and encourage them to give the idea some careful consideration before taking the plunge. My 1000-foot level response looks something like this: Self Examination The … Read More

via J. Christopher Dunn’s Voice Over Blog

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  You’ve heard his voice on scores of movie trailers, commercials and tv shows. Withover 25 years of professional voiceover experience, his most recent credits include: new on air promo announcer for the NBA, Narrator for History Channel’s UFO Files. He’s also done several characters on the video game, “Grand Theft Auto” (San Andreas), new character on the animated series, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” National Network T.V. spots for Zocor( … Read More

via Coolvoiceradio’s Blog

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Vocal Warm Ups-do you? (via judnivenvoiceover)

What’s your take on warmups?

What’s the big deal about “warming up” your voice and body before you are about to do some voiceover work? When I worked as a producer in Radio I never really gave it much thought, nor did any of the announcers I worked with. Just turn on that mic, get that copy read so I can move on to the next commercial. Now that I am long out of the radio biz and strictly doing voice over, the warm up has become very important. Now I am no “GURU” on the topic … Read More

via judnivenvoiceover

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Just Keep Doing It! Part 2

I ran across this today on Terry Daniel’s Facebook group, Voice-Over Camp, and thought it had some good points about dealing with the naysayers (even the one sometimes in your own head). Terry does provide coaching and demo production services. I have not used Terry’s services nor am I affiliated with him other than being a part of his FB group. His video does, however, get right to it: Work hard and stay at it. 

For me, the pursuit of the work is the just as much fun as depositing the check. Here is terry’s video:

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Storytelling is also part of being a VoiceOver Artist/Talent

One of the great things about being a VO talent/artist (whichever way you want to describe yourself) is that you always have to learn. Whether its about technology, utilizing resources, marketing or even about yourself and exploring and understanding your strengths in front of and behind the mic. Here is an article submitted to Voices.com by a very good artist who is willing to share what he knows.

Xavier Paul – Recording Artists are Storytellers


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