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Out of the Blue

So there I was, sitting in from of my PC, tunes blaring as usual as I scanned the news, Twitter feed and various other internet distractions before I started my work day. Suddenly, the phone rings. I check the caller ID and its nothng I recognize. My first thought is that its a telemarketer. Down goes the music and I answer the phone. For the first time EVER, I receive a call from someone looking for a VoiceOver job to be done.*  Within the week, I was in to the client’s studio recording for a YouTube video voiceover.

What made this even more suprising at first is that he didn’t get my name from what I thought was a better known of higher visibility VO website. He found me from doing a net search for a VO talent from my area. He THEN found my name and made the effort to contact me.

So here is what I have gleened from this experience:

  • Yes, name recognition is important. But if your like me in a smaller market, maybe its best to put more emphasis on where you are located and give it the same weight as your name as your “brand”
  • Put it into practice now!
  • See the first bullet. Repeat if necessary

I’m just about to do those very things mentioned above. I’ll let you know as soon anything pans out from it.

Have a great weekend!


*I should have written that is was the FIRST time ever that I received a COLD call from someone looking to hire me for VO work. Other work I have done has been exclusively through networking and none from the other efforts I had put forward.  I have had several calls or emails at home asking me to record and they were paid gigs.